Take My Soul (Fighting Off My Demons)* lyrics


Juice WRLD

Lyrics from Snippets

I'm working on dying

I don't know what I've been told
But I got hell flames in my heart and they sure keep me cold
I pray to God, I know he see me try to carry on
I also know he see the devil tryna take my soul
Everyday I wake up losing more control
I haven't found myself since I was fifteen years old
People think I'm happy 'cause my money long
I tell them that I'm happy, it's a false truth told (Oh)

In a dark place, it's been that way forever
Fighting off my demons, send 'em away forever
What's the meaning? Yeah, what's the meaning?
Wake up scrеaming, hard lucid dreaming
Uh, don't mind me I'm gettin' so damn high, I feel right
Pills in thе microphone, it's gon' be a long night
She said she used to play with demons
She know what they taste like, oh...
Uh, I'ma run amok, like gorillas at the zoo
My past is so f*cked up, let me explain to you
I could even find a way to hate in "I love you"
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