Dark Place lyrics


Juice WRLD

Lost in a dark place, lost in a dark place
Lost in a dark place

Lost in a dark place, trapped in the crawlspace
In my mind, I get lost, then I wake up in a coffin
They tell me they care, they're just in love with the music
So they'll never know about the pain I go through
It's like a chain of reactions, all these demon attacks

[Verse 1]
From all the drugs that I'm taking to the women distracting me
From being myself, it's like I'm losing my traction
Kiss death on the lips, I have a fatal attraction
This is my heart, watch as my problems inspire me
Tеar me apart, won't let the dеmons take over me

[Verse 2]
They took it too far, now I need some surgery
I'm falling apart
It's like I'm lost in the motions, use this song as a rope
To wrap around the commotion, tie the knot at my throat
I look at death as a notion, I don't want it no more
But it's too late to reverse it, as I fall on the floor
Lost in a dark place, lost in a dark place
Demons inspire me
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