Summers Freestyle lyrics


Juice WRLD

Freestyle don't write
Pull up on a n*gga, I take your life
.45 on my hip, I'ma grip my pipe
He a pus*y n*gga, shoot his ass 9 times
39 on my wrist, don't you forget
Every song I make that sh*t a hit
Lucid Dreams went platinum, I wasn't even rapping
I pulled up trapping, pull up in the Benz laughing
[?] jeans on me saggin'
I don't really got time for it
I'm too busy rocking all the Tom Ford
n*gga I'm just the [?]
Count the money then I stack it, huh
Run up on me then I'm blastin', huh
I'm takin' over like NASA, chains on me, yeah, b*tch I'm a master
[?], No Limit that is the gang huh
f*ck that sh*t you claim, [?] like you GDK
Put that on my life huh, my di*k in your wife
pus*y so damn good, goddamn [?] twice
Now I'm [?], she call me her lights huh
I rap for my life huh, all these b*tches trife
I got my heart broke, I'm sippin' [?]

Ain't no father, it's just me and my mommy
Yeah we run through the drama
But everyday I go harder, everyday I go harder
Dying for this sh*t, n*gga that's the motto
Pull up in a Dodge, n*gga that's a charger
Hellcat, n*gga b*tch n*gga damn that
.40 on me b*tch, get back...
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