Woah lyrics


Juice WRLD

I was like whoa-oh-oh

Won't look back on my mind
Won't let bad out my shine
Won't let you cloud my mind
Won't let you cloud my mind
All my days, I was cryin'
All my lows, all my highs
Told my Mom, "I'm gon' shine"
Told my love, "I'm gon'-"

And I was like

[Verse 2]
I met this b*tch from Georgia, she was gorgeous
So I f*cked her in the morning, till the morning
I been balling, Michael Jordan, Kyrie Irving
Off the Bourbon in the 'burbs, swervin' in Suburban
I ball like Julius Erving, I deserve it
I see snakes in the grass, but it's f*ck a serpent, ayy
She left me for my brother, guess I f*cked a serpent, ayy
Talking down to me are you or are you certain, ayy
Perkys in the lean, I'm a different person
I'm falling apart, yeah, I deserve it
I drunk drive all the time, yeah I stay swervin'
I feel like a pitcher cause I stay curvin

I just got a brand new bag runnin'
Count up cash runnin'
That's your ass, dummy
That's your ass, dummy
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