Dark Place lyrics


Juice WRLD

Lost in a dark place yeah yeah

Lost in a dark place ripped apart by a heartbreak lost in my mind I get lost then wake up in a coffin they tell me they care but they just playing so they will never know about the pain I go through then the demons attack its like im losing traction kiss death on the lips I have a fatal attraction this is my heart watch as my problems inspire me tear me apart won't let the demons take over me it's like im lost in the motions I look at death as a notion love distracting me from being myself they took it too far now I need some surgery im falling apart cuz this is what life did to me, yeah demons attacking me don't know if I can get through the pain any more cuz it going too far might need some surgery

Yeah lost in a dark place ripped apart by a heartbreak don't know if she meant to when I met her she changed my life but when she left me she changed my life in another way
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