Dirty Sprite Freestyle (Into The Abyss) lyrics


Juice WRLD

Tonight's gonna be a good night
40 on me like I'm Suge knight
Pop xanny's in the moonlight
Baby girl let the moon drive
I just made my girl some dark sprite
She said it's good right? (Literally)
But it ain't good right?
This sh*t gotta be dark bright Purple in the double cup
I sip a couple 16's I ain't had enough
I spit a couple 16's and it's finna cost
100k for a feature get the money off
All I know is get the cash I'm gon get it all
Baddie with her ass she gonna give me all
Codeine, never sick I don't never cough
Codeine over liq, f*ck a Smirnoff yеah
All my n*ggas killers like they Adolf yеah
Leave the dead n*gga in the graveyard yeah
I can't see these n*ggas like they Ray Charles yeah
Leave em OD that's what I'm on yeah
I look up the legends like Big Smalls And Tupac, Nas all the n*ggas, aw
But I'm a young n*gga Balling like Ming Yao
Dunkin' on a n*gga like I'm six feet tall
Acappella with the flow I don't gotta write it
I see what I say before I say it feel like a psychic
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