FASTER* lyrics


Juice WRLD

Lyrics from Snippet

In my mind with this (Damn we really—)
Uh, [?]
(I’m working on dying)
Uh, faster, count it up faster (Faster)
Pour the lean faster (Faster)
Oh yeah

I go faster (Cash), count it up faster (Ya dig)
Pour the lean faster
Jump in the crowd off the drink, I’m a basher
A mosh pit dancer, a bad b*tch, smash her
Turn you into a cadaver
She gon’ ride all night, filmin’ on my GoPro
Pourin’ out my life, yeah, it's a dumb hoe
Yeah, I’m rockin’ Fendi jeans, they holdin’ my .44
Yeah I’m rockin’ skinny jeans, pockets full of bankrolls
Me I’m tatted, [?] is my blood
I don’t need anyone, on my VLONE Status
Choppa, it make me whole [?]
I'm sick of these hoes, had to cut ‘em off (Thank You)
Yeah, I got a girl, freaky, and she bi (Racing)
But sometimes we be arguin’
Take a chill pill, bae you need it
Need it, need it (Uh, uh)
Come crash this b*tch, you need it (Uh-huh)...
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