Run Em Back lyrics


Juice WRLD

[Intro: XXXTentacion]
Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye
Got her wet, uh
Black tints, black cars, posted in the back, uh
Foreign bop, loaded Glock, I can’t never lack, uh
Lose the club, if you hit a lick, can’t run it back, uh
Okay, shorty, I can’t trust no b*tch, how you do that?
f*ck the fame, I'ma kill a b*tch if he talk reck', uh
I'ma wreck his sh*t, don't sweat the sh*t, ayy, run it back
If I'm in your hood and see you, b*tch, ayy, run it back (Woo)
Pistols have him runnin' like a f*ckin' running back

[Verse: Juice WRLD]
Ha-ha, yo
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Yeah, OK, OK, OK, OK
I got lean in my p*ss, I got beams on my blick
On that gun is a di*k, I'm gon' f*ck your face with it
And her pus*y wet, huh, just like a slip n' slide
She gon' let me f*ck, huh, yeah, I get inside
Chopper heat seeker, run, but you can't hide
Policе on my ass, buckle up, let's go for a ride, ayy
b*tch, got mе sicker than syphilis
Your n*gga tripping and I'ma get rid of him, uh
My eyes go blacker than licorice
I had a look at her, ended up killin' 'em, uh
She told me I taste just like a lollipop
She can't stop licking me up
b*tch, I'ma goat
b*tch, you suck
You wanna fight?
b*tch, what's up?
Um, everyday I'm on go mo'
With a .40 up I my pants
Slump off with the Perc's and the codeine
No more can I ever do Xans
Um, I take drugs when I'm coping
Umi tell me I'll turn to a dope fiend
n*ggas in jail dropping the soap like
I heard that that was your homie
I got lean in my p*ss
I got beans on my blick
On that gun, it's a di*k
I'm gon' f*ck your face with it
I got lean in my p*ss
I got beans on my blick
On my gun is a di*k
I'm gon' f*ck your face with it
[Outro: Juice WRLD & XXXTentacion]
Ha-ha, yo
Uh-huh, uh-huh (Oh my)
Yeah, OK, OK, OK, OK
f*ck all these other goofy-ass muthaf*ckers (yeah)
f*ck all these f*ck n*ggas
Trippin' out worryin' like a little b*tch?
No limit gang
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