Quincey White


[Verse 1: King Marie]
He just want a girl that's got his back
And Imma be the one to wear his flag
Need a girl that's looking for a Clide
And Imma be his only ride or die
He my down boy, and I'm his hood girl
And he ride around all day, and I hold him down
He need a girl that'll never leave his side even if them sirens start to play
Imma ride, Imma ride, cause he don't act like other guys
Let me tell you bout my X n*gga
He always trippin off that liquor
And everytime he get mad
He swinging at me like a bat

[Chorus: King Marie]
In my dreams, we get away
Every night ask the lord to here me pray
Pray his life or mine won't end today
Hoping for some change, there's a better way
But for now
We riding round the city with our windows up
Boy you riding with a rider who ain't changing up
Riding past them haters, chuck the duces up
Riding till the sirens chacing us

[Verse 2: Quincey White]
Black bandana, black 10, black Glock
Color [?], we ain't have a lot
b*tches ain't a rider, b*tch should be a rider
An unloyal hoe, I never had that problem
See you n*ggas ride, I'm an outlaw
Me against the world, can do without yall
Picture me rolling while I hit them up
So I lay them down, I don't give a f*ck
[?] Imma pray for him, cause I'm [?] up
Gone off the weed and the Henesy
Creep when we ride on our enomies
Had to channel my inner 2pac, n*gga
Thug life, playing hoes like a jukebox, n*gga
Walk in the club, all eyes on me
Got them watching like the [?] , n*gga
Never switch on my n*ggas like Bishep unless you more b*tch than my b*tch, b*tch up
Back of the pick up, lift up
Then the black bag zip up
Might call a hundred Bloods, call a hundred essays, might call a hundred f*cking Crips up
But there's no need, it's me and King Marie, new Bonnie and Clide, don't get it mixed up
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