[Verse 1: Redda]
Aye, all I f*ckin' do it get this cash
Posted in the foreign, do the dash
I don't give a f*ck if I crash
Diamonds ain't gon' shine without the flash
All these n*ggas fraud and they fakin'
Call me on the phone, b*tch, who is this? You is mistaken
Come inside that b*tch like I was doin' home invasions
n*ggas wanna f*ck with me but there's no invitations

[Verse 2: Yung Garzi]
I don't listen to the things they say
f*ck it, I'ma throw all this stupid sh*t away
Told that b*tch I'd let her blow right to her face
All these clout demons out, you are f*ckin' snakes

[Verse 3: Redda]
Codeine in my cup, I told that b*tch to pour me up
These n*ggas say, "What's up?", but they don't wanna know what's up
I just did a back-flip all up in the air
They said, "Save your money", n*gga, I don't really care
I'm splurgin', I'm splurgin' with the check
She's nervous, there's too much money on my check
She love me, want to kiss me on my neck
Purple kisses, that sh*ts purple, like my tech

[Verse 4: Yung Garzi]
They all nervous, I'ma go cop a check
Sorry sweetheart, I'm a f*ckin' wreck
I can't think with n*ggas breathin' down my neck
Everything I buy, money well spent
Dirty cigarette ash on her ass
Rockstar sh*t, so I don't ever ask
We can't chill, nah, the time came and past
Give it up, n*gga, I won't finish last, yeah

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