"Life & hope"

When we gat life
n*gga we gat hope,when it's time n*gga
I know we gon shine,if it ain't money
Then we ain't gon cry
So what you crying for ??
n*gga wipe your tears

Have been grinding hard
For a long long time
So ain't gat time
Hope you know the time??
I gat my mama's name
Tattooed on my heart
And all i bleed is love
Ain't gat no hate
You know that i care
But it might not show
And when it's time to ball
We gon pop some aces
But it's on a low
Like my eyes when i smoke
We use to be in love but now
We are apart,feelings had to go
So it's time to say bye
If love still exist
That will be in the past
Am feeling sick for this love
Cause it hurts,and all my emotions
Is attracted to the street
We"ve been in the storms
So we ain't going back
And all we gat is hope
That's what we stand for
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