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"SHACHI - Getting Lucky (English Translation)"

Tur-r-r, the alarm rang
I stopped the snooze rubbing my drowsy eyes
I stumbled on a code connected to mobile
My bed hair is strong and I just wanna go back to sleep

Dear myself, don't give in to drowsiness
See, you've still got enough time
I try pushing the switch, the spell will be broken
I wanna say good morning to you

Curling my eyelash with half-closed eyes
My make-up went well than usual
I open the door and rush out in a little girly fashion with laced clothes
Good morning to walking kids
Going down a slope, down the street now (I'm going now)

It's a tiny thing but huge
Different now as the result of tiny thing
The happiness I feel now toward tiny things

Yes, getting lucky
Yes, getting lucky
Getting lucky woooh
Yes getting lucky
The color of the sky I look up
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