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"Zion.T - No Make Up (노메이크업)"

[Verse 1]
You put on thick makeup
And made your hair pretty
As you leave the house, you’re so pretty
You wore high heels
And a short skirt
You’re so beautiful but

[Pre-Chorus 1]
You don’t know
How pretty you are
When you wake up and your face is puffy
You don’t know
How pretty you are
When you’re all washed up before you go to bed

Stop looking in the mirror
Don’t worry about your weight
You’re so pretty just the way you are
No make up ye no make up ye
No make up, that’s when you’re the prettiest

[Verse 2]
Instead of rеd lipstick
I like your clear lip balm
You’re morе natural than the clouds in the sky
Did you have a bad day yesterday?
You look so tired
Come here into my arms baby
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