Bottom of the Underworld lyrics


Donald Fagen

Every time he put his hand into his pocket
I was sure that I would faint
'cause the man they called Jerome
He not only was a sinner, but a saint

There's people on the street
And it's Jerome they're looking for
And he's talking to the [?]
Now Jerome knows the score
He tips the girl a twenty
And flashes twenty more
And the sweet young thing that's hanging on his arm
I never seen before

I say hey man
Where'd you gеt the golden girl
You go downtown
To the bottom of thе underworld

So Jerome says he got to make a couple calls
And do I have a dime
And he says to his Lucinda
"Let me introduce a friend of mine"

I ask her how she's doin'
But she doesn't know for sure
She said she hadn't seen
This kind of heavy flash before
But the necklace she was wearing
Didn't come from any Woolworth store
I said hey now
What about that string of pearls
You go downtown
To the bottom of the underworld
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