World Wide Cypher 2 lyrics



[Intro: Joey Nato]
Woo, who made this beat? Nato!

[Verse 1: Joey Nato]
Look, I was twenty seven when I got on, I was crazy late
But I knew my day was coming like I had a save the date
Starving at the table, I was staring at a paper plate
Played my cards right, and now look youngin, I crazy ate
Now everything I do hits, I never miss Jackson
If losing is normal, I guess I'm an outcast then
Director of my life, less chatting and more action
Married to a model, yeah, she thicker than an accent
Revenue is adding, thanks for asking by the way
Man, you probably saw an ad of me like seven times today
You need a beat for a cypher? OK, that's something that I can do
But you know I gotta be in it like Tobey and Andrew
Man, it took everything to get here, so f*ck you noobs
Like Doctor Strange I swear I had to jump through hoops
Used to be black air forces, now it's custom shoes, bro
Ay Scru, we got one, so we yelling out Uno
Oh, it's supposed to be sixteen, I don't know what that sh*t mean
My art got no ceiling, what the f*ck is the Sistine?
Rapper with no tats, I don't smoke and don't sip lean
But my numbers are high, lucky squad his team, Nato

[Verse 2: 954mari]
They tryna take shots, but they better off shooting black rock
Scrape him after he cross me and peel like scabs on a black top
My sole is on his temple, he Red Skulled with a bad knot
Ducking Jakes like the Ice King, dogs bark in the backdrop
Step with crazy drive like I'm flying past with expired tags
Roll up out your lane, I ain't sparing sh*t, boy, I'm striking that
You speak a web of lies, bro, you only fly in a spider trap
I crush your snake head in the dirt, and get a diamond back
You a waste of rap, around I'm tailored to speak to people
Hate turns brothers to demons, it's really root of the evil
In the field with no cleated sneakers, but been my brothers keeper
I got four and he don't, we split two and two like ballerinas
I strayed away from K's and mines, wild packs toting muzzled gats
Choppas that stutter static something like suffering succotash
Motherf*ckers be cap, say I'm wack, n*gga, stay real
Spit with a flow sick enough to hit 'em through face shields

[Verse 3: Voydage]
Foes all around me, pulling up, and they decapitated
Take their drip because I'm coming in hot, evaporated
Pick up something, and I throw it down, precipitation
Call me Thomas Tank Engine, rolling right up to your station
Let's flying at your queen like the high baby squirming
My eyes so cold, I just saw global warming
I'mma say this sh*t once, I'mma give you one word
And f*ck around, inside the Void, yeah, this sh*t is gon' start burning
Your stomachs is start turning low butter is start yearning
Taking your b*tches as close, so this time, they start learning
I'm rocking out popping, yeah, with the shotty, tell me your name, Shinigami
I'm in it, ay, who gon' stop me, ain't no single f*cking body, lil' b*tch
[Verse 4: DizzyEight]
Opps spin his block for the colors just like a Rubix
Had a dream, it wasn't lucid, and now he about to lose it
He thought he had a blueprint, but was really moving foolish
Put your family on the line, now y'all bout to die as an unit
He wanna be a rapper, but didn't have the It factor
Wasn't Pennywise, so he sold his soul to his master
That was ill-advised, crazy you didn't realize
To maximize their profits know your worth is getting minimized, that's silly, right?
But that can't ever be apart of my prophecy
When I speak its money, every word a commodity
It's funny how it seems that they feign for my etymology
But I control the market, my product is my monopoly
My pen is a weapon, it's the rifle that I shoot
Gun so big, it look like something out of Doom
It go boom, poof, watch it empty out the room
The clip extending never ending when I empty out on you, ay

[Verse 5: Dan Bull]
You call me a novelty rapper, but I beat you on every metric
That's a good reason why Scru gets me up on every guest list
'Cause he gets it, I treat a rap game like it's a game
I've been a Z-list celeb, and couldn't hack fame
It's the exact same sh*t I hated in high school
I prefer to sit at the nerd table than try to be cool
It's my surname, but I'm tired of the Bull, I am Dan
My pen game breaks necks by the letter, hangman
Tic Tac Toe, three X's in a row, that's hardcore execution
But I never speak a crossword 'till I've guessed the solution
Speak my peace from the chest, with each breath a chess piece is moving
To keep you in check, the best defense is improvement like
Do you know how lonely it gets when you're socially inept?
Used to try please people, but now I'm not overly stressed
I like to hide easter egg punchlines that nobody gets
Might not be a hood type, but I go over your heads
[Verse 6: FrivolousShara]
Uh, Scru done brought the sauce queen to stir the pot
They say: "Girl, just add a little", I tip the bottle, add a lot
Ay, manifest my dreams and they gon' take me to the top
If you write a list of legends better save me a spot
I hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan, already known for the flows
Just take a lap around the mitten, and you'll see why we're cold
Uh, built Ford tough, you can't afford it
Pushing to the forefront of these lines, you can't ignore me
Hundreds of Anime up in my repertoire, Nerd to the Core
But I'm Hip-Hop before a VA, so F your lore
If you've got a problem gonna have me acting out of character
Wait, wasn't that your problem? I'm in every single character
Ain't nothing mid, kid bout the Midwest
All direction on the compass, we encompass it best
Experimental with the mental, words are essential
My pen game beyond the quintessential, yours a rental

[Verse 7: Murkemz]
It's looking like they picked Murk to cook this cypher, hope you notice
I train to be Worldwide, you gotta local motive
I extort and railroad you n*ggas for blowing smoke
Or let you sleep with the fishes, whatever floats your boat
Take your pick like a n*gga fro matted to his head
Same n*ggas ride same ones who ratted to the feds
I be in the club with thugs, the b*tches finna roll in
Shout the homies in Europe, I had to bring the pole in
I took over the whole world when I stepped god
Now these kids loving the beast like I was Reptar
Son, you make it hard to pass time with them stress bars
And all of them ass lines like stretch marks
Yo, I was nervous when I first had hit the kill switch
Felt nauseous after I buss like I was Will Smith
Homie said it's kinda like school on his jail bid
Took it from the yard to the zoo like a field trip
I drill sh*t like a sharp blade through the tendon
Long graze'll split 'em this Shawshank, no redemption
It's tempting, I'm still sensing you want play for your vengeance
I press pens through the fences and parlay through the ending, it's Murk
Ayatollah, big brick smuggler
B juggler, med server to sick customers
Put this beat in the cemetery bout six under you
Right up in that casket next to the Glizz guzzler, Murk!

[Interlude 1: Nunn Nunn]
Yeah, Nunn, Scru was adding that, ah

[Verse 8: Nunn Nunn]
Walk with trauma, I told my partner to rest in peace
Got to live cause god done sent tests to me
Only trust my trust issues respectfully
I got pics, everyone dead in it, except for me
Pray for peace in a place that they pray on the weak
Check the check and pay your debt if you wanna eat
Don't catch a case and think you safe with police
Cause we know everything you stated came with receipts
From a hell hole where your soul is cheap
Where they hit the dog food just to go to sleep
I ain't running from police if they notice me
Got a b*tch that stuff work by her ovaries
Slightly off, she don't often think
She get off the drinks and sniff the Xans like Carlton Banks
You survived the trenches, only god to thank
So the sideways sh*t we don't tolerate
It's an oath, it's a code, how it goes with me
We'll split the royalties for the loyalty
If I take a charge put it all on me
Would you get the J pay or the lawyer feeds?
All these hoes know I ain't cuffing, that's what y'all about
All that loving ain't bout nothing, you just stall 'em out
If I show your b*tch what the god about
You'll lose your other half like slaughterhouse
Appeal solid, I don't do acetaminophen
I'mma start taking shots like Many Men
Slug will open your mind like a polygamist
Before I ever give you a voice like a ventriloquist
On ten, how I came in, now I'm ending it
Don't ever think your life infinite

[Verse 9: Shwabadi]
Yeah, it's that enemy of the spellcheck having name ass rapper
That lame-ass bast*rd, "Lord, has he got no shame?" I'm past it
Claim to fame's Anime based but the stage? I smashed it
Manga ain't the only paper that I've made my habit
Actually I'm a savage, a monster made for the mic
Encased in baggage prolly got my momma praying for my life
I'm sick of taking advice about the way I should write
These old heads never get it, they just wasting my time
Think I'm fake, then I might just have to switch up like a lycanthrop
Rappers talk online, but got no life behind the microphones
Only cells they know are filled with nuclei and ribosomes
Tryna get my fam up out the dirt and hit new milestones
Yes, I'm a Geek, and I make no attempt to hide it
I grew up online, skin harder than hide, it's hard to deny it
Watched DBZ and MLP cause IRL wasn't the kindest
But now I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with f*cking giants

[Verse 10: Ty Wild]
Spot an opp in a hoopty coupe he driving
Shoot inside, his seat ain't move behind him, but that dude reclining
This sh*t get bloody out the blue like lies bout who you side with
Ain't ready when he wet up with the heat, he touring humid climates
I'm too defiant, you be dialing boys in blue to find him
Too late by the time he turnt in, I'm an overdue assignment
Strayed way down the wrong road like foreign Uber drivers
Steady deading GOATs, already said it, bro the Chupacabra
I'm not a human, dawg, I'm more an alien
I stole your spaceship and aim beams at you during a home invasion
These woozy b*tches is lucy tripping, your hoes is basic
I'm straight saucing, so if you spilling, you know I'm staining
No negotiation, I ain't crossing T's or dotting I's
Know your place or I'ma dot your tee for crossing I
I lost my mind at an early age, now I murk the game
To earn my place at the top, while opps shine at the pearly gates, b*tch

[Verse 11: Rustage]
Lyrically I been a bad boy
In the night garden, I'm like Macca how I pack toys
Bars like Iggle Piggle how Itah oy, disrespect my bag choice
I be getting green from the East like it's Bok Choy
Gingerbread man, but I'm not made gingerbread
Do this for the clout like I quote tweet a Twitter thread
Embarrassingly recent the last time I went and p*ssed the bed
They be looking like Crusader Kings, how they into bread
Calliope, how I'm dead beat
They complain I'm reusing my bars, I'm eco-friendly
Only good in flashes, so my talents epilepsy
But the sh*t I make is deadly, I feel like I'm Elvis Presley
They be acting like I'm too evil, Avatar, how I blue people
Lyrically I have no true equal, f*ck America, shoot eagles
Balls in my mouth like a Hungry Hungry Hippo
b*tch, I'm more impressive than a bag of fourty two Calippos

[Verse 12: Daddyphatsnaps]
They gon' say who the f*ck is this? Man, I never heard a drop from him
Meanwhile my music hit the charts on every continent
Kick back, feet off the floor, the flow auto man
Lease you every beat that I'm on cause y'all occupants
Hooked on my lines, oh my god, I'm fishing for compliments
I just swim on these cadences, alien to your oxygen while you
I'm a higher life form fusing consonants
I zoom in on your head and mute, remove you from the conference
Night night, and I ain't talking Doctor Sues
Siren on the hood, the life I'm chasing, I'm in hot pursuit
Guile on another level, 808's that Sonic Boom
You said you leaving Earth, well motherf*cker, I am on the Moon
Space man, talking sh*t, I'll push your wig back, king space jam
Heat to your noodle, let it rain Mac, what did he say?
Question DPS, what if you were featured and your verse, it didn't go?
Well, I guess the world will never know

[Interlude 2: Scru Face Jean]
Ladies and gentlemen, guess who's back? Haha! Aww, man

[Verse 13: Scru Face Jean]
Catch a hundred like Eddie Mcdowd if you even sniff or bark
Whether a Kay, Nine or a Bulldog, you getting dogged
When it's war, n*ggas getting flipped cause they think they raw
So stand in the kitchen or get lifted off the kitchen floor
Click it and pull it, riddled with bullets when gats blam
You in a pickle, they riddled you more than the Batman
Zab hands, these jabs land, all in your cat scan
If you attack fam, fam move like the Black Hand
My black hands have been worked to the bone, it's feels worse than you on
I'm two seconds from snatching a necklaces or bursting in homes
To who this may concern, don't even trip, these just words to a song
Bursting your dome, tool to your roof like we servicing homes
The search for the throne is getting crazy right now
Up the baby, it's bout to get real Da Baby right now
Yo, the next YouTuber caught talking bad on the Blacks
Getting Will Smith palm smacked the next Con or Pax
Donkey slapped, thrown threw a manga booth, all of that
Then two guys in hockey mask slam your ass through a Baki rack
And f*ck all that: "we ain't know better", b*tch, we on to that
Bet the fish ain't know the shark was there till it caught his ass
Spark his ass, mark his ass, Krillin, six dot his ass
Put the beam where his heart is at their Tony Starked his ass
Marksman fast, first person moving getting handled first
Cause when it comes to sh*tting on you actors, I'm Amber Heard
For the bag, n*ggas on your roof, doing Santa work
Like Lil' Wayne's the cannon verse, you gon' hear The Cannon first
Cause b*tch, I got Dedication Two, and I plan to work
To new boys I am a j*rk, when death is near, I plan to flirt, facts!
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