Chainsaw Man Cypher: Public Safety lyrics



[Verse 1: Denji (Mir Blackwell)]
I drop all these hits
Simple man, I want all these chicks
Kiss 'em, then we gon' f*cking dip
Kiss me, then let me love them tits
In demand, she gon' rub the tip
Different plan, we gon' run with this
Listen man, you best run and dip
I'm switching in, and I'mma tongue your chick
See, I pull the string on every move I make
Step to me and let me choose your fate
Ask me what we gonna do today
Revving up, already knew the play
Step to me, chains out, bladеs wild
We can get 'em laid down
Stеp to me, wait, how? Play now
He just dead weight now

[Verse 2: Power (Chi-Chi)]
Power, blood on my hands, blood of whoever's in my way be damned
I am the Power, I rip and I tear, mortal or Devil, you better beware
You'll fear the Power, just get down and grovel, I'm wrecking your hovel just like beta males
So, buddy, you better start running 'cause I am the hammer and you're just a nail
I'm bringing all my blades out tonight
Feeling the hunger, and I'm gonna take a slice
Just mess with me, you'll feel the scorn
'Cause when you're messing with a bull, you get the horns, yeah
[Verse 3: Kobeni (JesseBoxVO)]
Kind of a knife wife, alright, my sabatier
Might take a life, sacrifices, they gotta be made
'Nother paycheck coming, how'm I gonna run away?
Catch me in a couple days, they gon' say somebody ate
Let me look, chopping it up, Kobeni-hana
Never got ahead with a katana
I'm tryna make a bargain with a demon to defend my honor (family drama)
Get a little sloppy if the drinks are on the Devil's dollar
Hairpin matching with the steel in my grip
No matter how you look at it, I'm keeping a clip
Read my lips, skills that didn't even exist
'Till I was scheming and sh*t, I got a reason to live
Kills going out in these troubled streets, I take aim
Still throwing up with the double piece, uh bang bang
Do it for the dough, I'm never going to college, G
sh*t! Who do I still owe an apology?

[Verse 4: Himeno (FrivolousShara)]
Yeah, yeah
Gotta be the captain, can't you see the eyepatch?
Booty on deck with a chest to match
Who can throw it up? How I throw it back?
When I throw it back, gotta catch that cat
Something like a stray, can you handle that?
Few screws loose, but enough intact
Aki on the mind, we smoking Devil packs, ain't exempt from tax
'Cause every time a contract's made, a toll is given, toll is paid, and who knows what will need to be next?
Ghost hand as my right-hand, man, for the right eye, shy of the last blow, why?
Cry for me, don't die on me, in the end I can't be stopped
From the bottom, then I switched it up, just know I always come on top
[Verse 5: Aki (Shwabadi)]
Ay, come try boxing with top knot
Nothing to lose, now my lifespan a stopwatch
Open the door, now it's knock-knock
Pop, pop, pop, make an opp do the foxtrot
Turn 'em to cosmo, brain out the noggin
Gun Devil, aiming to off him
Burst into combat, cursed with the contact
Curse be the contract, nail in the coffin
Hearse for the combatants fallen to kon
Vengeance the mission, I swore on an oath
Dawg at my side, he gon' gnaw at the bones
Dawg off a leash, pull the cord and he's gone
Future Devil, can't hold my sight
Vex my bredders, hands thrown on sight
Heart of ghost and my soul on ice
Cold with rounds like a snowball fight

[Verse 6: Angel Devil (Freeced)]
Snowball fight like I throw small mics
With a flow so bright that I glow all white
Wanna hold me tight, call it a big risk
Nobbut a skill diff, I could go all night
Femboy Devil, the beast in your man's sheets
Employ always thinking they can handle the twink
Shacking up with Aki, a miraculous team
But if I lay a single hand on him, I'll answer to me
Too lazy for the job, I just forgot to lay low
Real talk, how'm I giving opps the halos?
Accurate the way I got these eyes on me
Every look a soft serve, putting ice on wings
Not a gotcha when I say that these nuts are enamored
But you can't touch this, not just if you're hammered
I'm the Angel on your shoulder, I'm the Devil on your shoulder
I'm the gender that you envy in a plentiful manner
[Verse 7: Beam (Dan Bull)]
Name: Beam, what is he? Fiend
Man? Shark? Neither one of those things
An uncommonly seen thing, something between
I don't want to be mean, but it's got to be memed
If you want to keep the ship afloat, yeah
We're going to need a bigger boat, baby
Shark: doo doo doo doo doo doo, banging
Shots: doo doo doo doo doo doo, Nardwur
Doot doola doot doo
Doot doo?
If the food chains a hierarchy
Then you're 2Chainz and I am Rocky
Paul McCartney, you're Rick Starkey
Right then, come on, who's brave enough to call a shark weak?
I'm the marquis of the entire sea
You're stuck on a tiny island with a palm tree
I never sleep, it's the cousin of death
I mean it literally is, 'cause I wouldn't have breath
I got gills, gills, I'm hunting for pum
Just wanna have fun with the junk in my trunks
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