A$AP Rocky


Uh, yeah

[Verse 1]
I was just a youngin' with nothin' and doin' nothin'
Pocket full of buttons and hopefully you n*ggas push 'em
Banana clips are my Republic, while we on the subject
Wrote this with my feet up on the table, I was on my tushie
Hopin' they swim with toughin' 'cause most of you n*ggas cushion
High school was where they flunked 'em, I was failin' every subject
My favorite class was bathroom, the hallway and lunch, gym
The skeletons in my closet, no Indians in my cupboard
Only time it was YMCA was when we was hoopin'
See a baddie with some Prada and baby heads, we was cuffin'
f*ck it, appreciate the pretty things, but sh*t is rugged
Came into the world with nothin', best to leave with somethin'
f*ck it

Ooh, uh, uh
Moves, make your moves, uh
Ooh, uh, uh
The game is all, uh
Ooh, uh, uh
The game is all-
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