Ed Sheeran

"Google Translate Sings: “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran"

[Verse 1]
I love me
My love just jumped and my leader continued
I'm beautiful and beautiful
I'm sure I'm living
Sorry, he's a boy
There is no hope in that
At this point I'm willing to give you
But Thailand kissed me, your heart is mine
We will keep yourself in front of you

[Chorus 1]
Baby, had a great nap in hand
More and more neglected, fear in your favorite music
If you're looking for a product, I'll get you a copy
But you heard, dear, my dinner

Is dinner ready yet?
Uh, no
I'm hungry!
Be patient, wait
Ugh, fine

[Verse 2]
Yes, I'm a woman and I have more power than I have
One day, his fate unites
I have the power, to love and keep my confidentiality
Love, who took the children
They are boys too, but we do not have much love
You probably have a lot of things
We are confident that time is over
Darling, adjust your hand
He is my daughter, I will be your husband
I see the front of my eyes
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