Anthony Russo

"BREAKFAST (w/ Orchestra)"


[Verse 1]
I lay on the carpet
A wrench to let you in
Carbonating emotion
Tears risin' to the rim
I fled to the walls, yeah
Be sure I'm surrounded
(Where no one can find me)
But there's strength behind a lowered gate
(A humble embrace, a vulnerable place)

Say you're open through tears and trembling
It's a major step, it's okay to fret
Here's a safe place to lay your heart down
It's a second chance, it won't be your last

[Verse 2]
Letting my guard down
Enough to be held close
There's strength in the open
The broken and exposed
Should I flee to the mountains?
Be sure I'm surrounded
(Where no one can find me)
The strength within an open space
(A humble place, a venerable place)
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