Fire in the Booth “No Borders” Special lyrics


Koba LaD

[Part I]

[Verse 1: Koba LaD & Headie One]
[?] (Yo, turn, yo)
This Lamborghini got a two seats (Woo)
I'm speedin' 'round and I'm in Dubee (Woo)
Monogram print, I can't see through the Louis
She can't get to know the true me
Bro from South got a pack for a works and I told him to introduce me
He wanna phone me when it's time to war, but when it's bread, he won't include me
[?] (Turn, yo)
You see me in Paris, I'm faded, I feel like I'm Little Boosie
This bad B think that I made it, I ain't tryna bring all my goons in
Yo, I wanna pull up to Tape, I wish I could bring all my boots in
Uh, on Broadwater estate, the police wanna be a nuisance

[Chorus: Koba LaD & Headie One]
[?] (Turn, turn, turn)
[?] (Turn, turn, they told me turn)
[?] (Suh, suh-suh-suh, turn up, turn up)

[Verse 2: Chivv]

[Chorus: Koba LaD, Chivv & Headie One]
[?] (Glah, glah, glah, glah)
[?] (Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn up)
[Outro: Charlie Sloth]
Ayy, that's how we're startin' tings proper out here
Some international business, you hear what I'm sayin'?
Keepin' it proper out here, mate
And we just warmin' up

[Part II]

[Intro: Charlie Sloth & Koba LaD]
Okay, round two (Wow, wow, wow)
Woo (M1OnTheBeat)
Let's get it, bro

[Verse 1: Pajel]

[Interlude: Yasin]
Ey, Stockholm, Sweden, pow
Ey, ey, ey

[Verse 2: Yasin]
Jag vissla från cellen, det ingen som svarar, avdelningen är död
Nyss jag kom ifrån arren, brottsplatsen är fortfarande röd
Min grabb, han är på sin demon time, sa till han "Du har mitt fulla stöd, kör"
Vart än vi går, vi ställer till med en scen, scen, scen
Fint folk kommer alltid försent, jag är snart vid entrén, säg till väktarna "Öppna"
Fem anstalter på mindre än ett år, min sverigeturné, den har redan,—
Nordvästra Stockholm, skottdrama, folk här, dom är skjutglada
Minns du när man gjorde hans bil till en skjutbana?
Nu han springer runt påtänd
Med en rostig pistol, han vill utmana
Studiovan, det ingen ny vana
Jag har en Mastercard, redo betala
Kom, vi går fingerpulla kortläsaren i Prada
Sponsorer inte sponsrade, musikvideorna är påkostade
En klocka upp för de som kå-kåkade, bam, bam
[Outro: Charlie Sloth & Headie One]
Come on, know they miss Charlie, man
Ayy, we out here bro, we ain't messin' about today
All over Europe, man
We in Paris right now
My guys in the buildin', you know, compilation, you know
What? Tape comin' this week Headie, yeah?
Come on, ASAP, ASAP
Man gettin' hot in here, have to back off the jacket
Gettin' hot in here, bruh, aight
We ain't done yet

[Part III]

[Intro: Headie One]
My guy, Pajel
Can't be us, it's crazy
My brudda, you know

[Verse 1: Pajel]

[Interlude: Charlie Sloth & Headie One]
Keep it runnin' Charlie, keep it runnin'
Ayy, you gonna go? You gonna go?
Yeah, I'm gonna go crazy, let's go, yo
Get 'em, Headie
Turn, yo, yo
[Verse 2: Headie One]
Came in the scene with a mainstream bootin'
Didn't wanna end up famous
An opp boy ran up to bine and slept in O, now we still gotta praise his braveness
They beefin' babies, the ambulance took him away in a manger
The bores that I pushed in Scotland, I could be playin' for Rangers
The workers dem needed the payment
I'm Liam Neeson if the pack got taken
And now we're sleepin', it's a nightshift, dayshift
Had to to reason if a man touched flavours
Yo, I said the little bro's run down shh and they gotta make that my anthem
Don't know why they gotta free big A, he got recalled, he got shaved by the mandem

[Outro: Charlie Sloth]
I see you, Headie
First time it's been done
The best rappers from all around Europe in one place
Hardest out here, right now
And we ain't done yet, we ain't done

[Part IV]

[Intro: Charlie Sloth & Headie One]
Woo (Yo, know the vibe), jheeze
Feel special right now (M1OnTheBeat)
You ain't seen this before
Yo, turn
Ayy, take up the Church, Headie

[Verse 1: Headie One & Dezzie]
Grew in my seabass, grew in my salmon
Uptown, I pulled up with a Ghost, I'm feelin' like Angelina Valdes (You know)
This bad B got it on bank, she don't need no allowance (Uh-uh)
See me jewelled up in a casual day, that's minimum sixty thousand (Yeah)
Shorty don't wanna do nothin' today, take some selfies and sit there poutin'
Diamonds dancin', all you see is water (Water)
You ain't gotta go Prada and bat man (No)
I like my shorty natural, I ain't gotta tell her to mind the Calvin's
I'm at home sippin' Magnum's, I need me a hundred racks in Altham
I ain't smokin' my fear when I say I put arms on gangnem (No)
How you think shh got set alight when you done him just like a lantern? (Bo-bo)
Yo, bro just scored, Geronimo, now he wanna eat at Amazonico with a hand ting with the longest nose
Longer than Pinocchio (Uh, uh)
Extreme opposites in my portfolio 'cah we really bring BRIT awards
S in the crick fiend overdose
You ever been in curfew time tryna whip it up and go your home
Twenty-one seconds to go, I'm still tryna get it all done like Romeo

[Verse 2: Dezzie]
Ayy, right now, I'm in Paris
Bro just phone for the ends, they were talkin' 'bout shh then he got turned Cali
G lock field up to the brim, doin' laps 'round like we're in Lee Valley
Got my jewels shinin' in the trenches, posted with that big fat swammy
D-T-B, I'm old-school like Nani
We still take to the park and test them
I ain't got time impress them
Side-by-side in the ride with best friend
Can't forget Ramz, always tryna go kweff them
F them, I'll cheff them
They love talk on my name, God bless them
Probably my diamond wrist that stressed them
Yo, two man, four shanks, only big boy tanks
When I'm on them sides, hella man do planks
I ain't pullin' no stunts, live corn, no blanks
When shush got—, it was more than bants
I had a hood b*tch just like Ms Banks, she kept my grub safe, so I gotta give thanks
They say I can't mix pleasure with business, but I slip my D through her vag
Mention my name, then you better have fifty
Sorry, I hit his habibti
D2B, man done it so swiftly
You ain't made a .9 bell go so quickly
Still livin' life risky
T house really got tricky
I heard a cat called me by my rap name, imagine, it could've got sticky
I just bought dings, finna burn that out, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap
Corn woke up all the neighbours, I knew walalo let it ring, no doubt
OFB, we just always about, even when them times, we had waps on drought
Had his sister all at my mum's bit throwin' it back when she wanted some clout
I'm in then I'm out
We went from babies straight to men
Push me to the end, that's my life on the line tryna whoosh one of them
Oh no, I can't go jail go again, already been there once, but I'll still reoffend
Darlin', no need to pretend, when there's no makeup, you still look ten-ten (M1OnTheBeat)

[Outro: Charlie Sloth & Dezzie]
Woo (You know, you know)
Come on then (Live)
Some history stuff in the buildin' right now
Feels special, it feels right
Feel like the whole of Europe's comin' together right now
Someone in the studio said, "Mm, I ain't even need them man in the U.S. no more"
Aight, mad out here

[Part V]

[Intro: Charlie Sloth & Headie One]
And we ain't done yet man
Let's run some game on it, Headie

[Verse 1: Headie One & Dezzie]
I was upsee sofa surfin', now it's two waps, could've bought a Birkin
Thought I got a drop, but it weren't him
Guess [?] was reversin'
And Oscar hold corn than more than worthy
Smoke filled up with bine, press hood of dirty
It was three for .25 and four for .30
Now it's chandeliers, man show some Burberry
Tell me, who wanna hold a gurney?
Five blocks squished makes the four-door goin'
Free Kash, he was doin' up coleine, now he's fresh home, it's a cause for cabotion
Both wrist covered in [?], course two smokes in a ride got normal (Yeah)
I ain't tryna go on a memorial, bro got one in his head, that's protocol (You know)
They run down shh, run down shh
All now [?] run 'round further
Heard them boy from the 9 not score, sound rare, two ones like Timo Werner (Twinnin')
I see an old friend turn opp, so I'm tryna allocate to the L like Jürgen
And bro just patterned two lockster, make sure he manage them man for certain
Everyone wanna link up 'to a bullyin' man then the links a burden
I heard shh-shh linked up for a shoot, the video shoot ended up in curtains
These boots expensive, I bought them Louis, Gucci, Burberry
Funny how shh went sleep from a boot, it was cheap like one from Dorothy Perkins

[Verse 2: Dezzie & Charlie Sloth]
It's all a façade, why they all tryna act hard?
Before you started in road
I was live in the trench when you was just at yard
They like, "Dezz', how you beat that murder?"
Say I don't know, so I just gotta thank God
Spent twenty-one on my wrist, now these barbies wanna come trouble my bankcard
I swear if this .44 bangs off, you're gonna see bells spin around like dandruff
I still get assists even though that I'm hands-off
Nah, they can't buck bro when he slams off
Uh, last time someone got kwenged, where was the intention to blow some bands off?
Now this time somethin' gets touched, I'm gonna bring gyal to the nizz with pants off
Jail, don't fake, don't fake, I'm up in the club with copper 'til late
Yo, don't bake, no break, I was sat in that T with grub on my plate
Uh-du-du, uh-du-du, uh-uh, uh-uh, and I also ate (Yeah, come on then)

[Verse 3: Chivv]

[Interlude: Yasin]
Ay, drippar i Louis Vuitton och en Cartier bustdown klocka
Drippar i Louis-vuitton och en Cartier bustdown—. ay
Lyssna, Stockholm Sweden, back

[Verse 2: Yasin]
Drippar i Louis Vuitton och en Cartier bustdown klocka
Satt i en Lambo truck, två glockar
Gud jag ber dig få mig inte att krocka igen
Hon säger hon behöver mina bars, de torka
Hur ska en rappare orka?
Folk dem ber till Gud "Jag ber dig, kan han inte dö eller torska?"
Jag kukade strapen imorse innan jag ens borsta
Studiobanditen han är ingen brådska
Lämnade hylsor, säger till polisen och plocka igen, plocka igen
Kuk-mätningar med Glocks, häll i lite koks, där har du en soppa igen
Går jag igång i en vers, jag går inte och stoppa igen
Scenen är min, jag går upp, jag är hög som fan, jag hör hur dem skriker
Det 2022 nu, f*ck vad du gjorde 21 för det är gamla meriter
Jag rullar en grammis, skit i en gala
Rökt tills lungorna sviker
Jag håller inte koll på debatter, håll mig utanför politiken
Stenarna dansar på klockan som en tonåring på TikTok
Ser du hur långt vi har kommit från jobbiga plitar, kv-kläder och flip-flops?
Jag och polismyndigheten har svårt för varann, vi kan aldrig bli sams
Hatad av dem som ändå aldrig älskade mig, sånt kliar inte mig nånstans
Mitt liv är en film, denna skiten är HD
Två superkrafter, AD och HD
Namnet på gunnen jag bär den har två T
Tro inte jag pratar om lipton
Helgood Rolle, hade lätt kunnat få roller i Simpsons
Flexar med pengar i—
Aldrig vart bunden till någon, jag klarar mig själv så vad vill dem?
Hata på mig nu, don't love me later
Typ som en häftapparat, i stick to my paper
Mig på en feature, ger dig en buzz, men
Drippar i Louis Vuitton och en Cartier bustdown klocka
Satt i en Lambo truck, två glockar, yeye
Går inte och stoppa igen, går inte och stoppa igen, ye
Jag går inte och stoppa igen, går inte och stoppa igen, ye
Går inte och stoppa igen, går inte och stoppa igen, ye
Jag går inte och stoppa igen, går inte och stoppa igen, ye
Rinkeby for life
Rest in peace Franky, min f*cking bror
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