Change The Subject (Freestyle) lyrics


Ralfy the Plug

Gang and them, no lames with them
Every time n*ggas start talkin' 'bout money, they change the subject, for real, though

Every time the Plug start talkin' 'bout money, they change the subject
n*gga be cool as hell on Instagram, but a lame in public
Damn, your auto watch your n*gga had, the face was flooded
If you told a rape, the b*tch better not show your face in public
We black, but sometimes I hate n*ggas, I'm Uncle Ruckus
Let's talk about the bots and fake views, don't change the subject
Fivе hundred thousand, still ain't gon' recoup, the labеls love 'em
Put him on the shelf, he's not a trophy, he's a puppet
I'm tired of n*ggas sayin' the Plug ran, it's gettin' redundant
How you hate me and used to be a fan? Don't change the subject
Don't like me? Better say it with your chest when we in public
n*ggas got some sh*t up on they name they can't recover from
I just copped some sh*t that'll go against Juggernaut
R.I.P. the Ruler, that's your real daddy, but free your pops
n*ggas old, still beggin' for approval, they Uncle Tom
All you had to do was stay out my way, you had one job
If I blow n*ggas, know it's over, I'm atomic bomb
n*ggas signed a deal and still look like they need a job
Every day, I'm eatin' steak and lobster, he on Ramadan
He wanna rap beef, so I'ma do him like Papa Doc
b*tch pulled up not eatin' meat, she came for nothin'
Big loaf, sayin' I'm broke is a crazy assumption
We only know these rap n*ggas' name 'cause the label button
Asked 'em if they jewels Moissanite, they gon' change the subject
Independent boss, you can either hate it or love it
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