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Ralfy the Plug

Thank you Fizzle
Smoov, what’s good baby?

[Verse: Ralfy The Plug]
I been doing this sh*t these lil’ n*ggas dream about
I popped a Perc’ now I feel like Jesus now
F&N bullets knocking all my demons down
A fuselage flyin’ with the eagles now
Neiman Marcus shoppin’ I just spent a couple thousand
My wrist look like I coulda bought a house wit’ it
Yo’ b*tch look astonished ‘cuz she seen my whole neck glistening
Neck from England, b*tch I put a whole pound on it
Keep the snakes from ‘round me, don’t like judices around n*gga
Smokin’ on za’, we don’t do the Black & Milds n*gga
Play me like I’m sweet ‘cuz I’m up, we gon’ down n*ggas
I’m really tired of all these goof troops and clown n*ggas
Just becausе I got hit by your b*tch don’t let that bother you
I don’t know why you hit the b*tch shе was [?]
b*tch I been a fly n*gga, even pilots knew it
You can’t come around Gang ‘N Em ‘cuz we don’t tolerate juices
And I only hit your b*tch ‘cuz she was vibin’ to my music
I play with F&Ns and sticks, we don’t tolerate foolishness
He actin’ thirsty in the club, b*tch who you with?
She like “Ralfy, who you think you is? You be movin’ swift”
You finna suck some di*k, I don’t care what mood you in
She think just because I f*cked she movin’ in
I plug Adderalls and Perc’, even got blues comin’ in
She handed me some money ‘cuz she like the shoes I’m in (The Plug)

Run up on The Plug? I wouldn’t do that
You buyin’ fake drugs, I wouldn’t do that
Wearin’ Fila wit’ Givenchys, I wouldn’t do that
I’m a real street n*gga, I thought you knew that
You a nerd, I’m a joint, I thought you knew that
If he snap back he gon’ get his cap blew back
Fake trippin’ on the ‘gram I wouldn’t do that
You puttin’ boof in your wood, I wouldn’t do that

[Bridge: Drakeo The Ruler]
sh*t n*gga, you already know what the f*ck goin’ on n*gga
We ain’t finna do all that n*gga
We know what the truth is n*gga, yeah
Straight like that

[Verse: Drakeo The Ruler]
Here this n*gga go with this police sh*t again
All headshots, why you R.I.P. my friend?
Never talk to strangers I was taught that as a kid
And even if the score even n*gga I’ma always win
Who brought this n*gga in? (sh*t)
Wearin’ Jordans, mic’ up like MJ
Shells left him dancin’ in the mirror like MJ
This chop’ got a black belt, R.I.P. sensei
pus*y n*gga you are not a threat, I knew the n*gga wasn’t on sh*t when he shot a text
“Bro, it was simply for the ‘gram, I thought that if I dissed you it’d bring me some more fans”
“Bro I’m truly sorry, why you R.I.P. my friend?”
Better luck next time but don’t try that sh*t again
Look, first off - that never even happened
That sh*t you talkin’ ‘bout really sounds like entrapment
That’ll never happen even if I’m off a Batman
Another reason I’ma end this song and stop rappin’
Stop cappin’, we done did that already
Opps block, tops off, we done slid there already
Four hunnid on my neck baby, everything creamy
Like Ben & Jerry’s n*gga I’ll melt you, for real
N*gga’s ain’t gon’ take a ring up off my finger
No cellular devices when we slidin’ ‘cuz they pink ‘em (The Ruler)
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