Rock & Roll (Freestyle) lyrics


Ralfy the Plug

Ooh, this mf slap I had to do this mf, no kizzy
Ooh, that b*tch goin’ crazy

That’s a ghost gun you got boy that pole not legit
Oh you a street fighter, better know my blower got a switch
Heavy metal on me get rock & rolled if you ain’t hit
Wrist broke, I done put the biggest stones in that b*tch
I’m a coach so I charge to put pole in your b*tch
Any beat I get on I legit don’t miss
The Plug be high as f*ck off prescription, not Crystal
All this fat perky meat’ll f*ck up b*tches mental
Foreign whip crash, got 3 whips no rental
They can’t f*ck wit’ me, and catchin’ up I don’t see no potential
Came a long way from commercials and residentials
Check my raps, he Flu Flamming, it’s all on my credentials
Under yo’ b*tch makеup is all of my minerals
We tote thеm acronyms ‘cuz my guns got syllables
They ain’t got no diamonds in the club, n*ggas lookin’ invisible
Them cloudy stones in yo’ piece got ‘em lookin’ invisible
Chargin’ for perky meat, I think I’m Deuce Bigalow
N*ggas will hate on me in Honda Civic Fish Bowls
Gettin’ money outta different b*tches, you don’t even know how to send a hoe
Soon as you n*ggas get focused you can get some dough
I be tryna chill but my neck be throwin’ temper tantrums
I done shot a hundred plus videos in different fashion
You wanna rock and roll with the Stincs, get yo’ bag up
N*gga ain’t gettin’ no money, he got bad luck
I keep heavy metal, I got the whole band tucked
There go the Stinc Team pullin’ up in Lamb’ trucks
I know life been good ‘cuz I ain’t have to blamp none
Bay-Bay kid, I was in the halls in camp thuggin’
Blow a hunnid and get it back again, that’s nothin’
Old n*ggas out here hatin’ like Uncle Ruckus
He pickin’ his b*tch up from work in his uncle bucket
She want The Plug by Ralfy, but nothin’ come wit’ it
Exotic pop peach cream, dropped a fo’ in that b*tch
She a ten but a freak, she touch her toes when I hit
Keepin’ the truth alive you already know what I’m into
Foreign whip crashin’ and spendin’ cash, I been doin’ it
I don’t care if you got me dead bang, I didn’t do it
He said he crashed whips in his car but didn’t do it
He the typa n*ggas b*tches don’t pay attention to
She like, “I like you Ralfy, but you don’t pay attention to me” (The Plug)
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