Girl I told you, I'd come with it nice
Took your heart when I move it's a heist
Everything in here come at a price
You're a good girl but trapped in this vice
Better hope I don't chart
I make hits like a walk in the park (Park)
She like diamonds, she cry in the dark (Ayy)
But keep flashin' and doin' your part

Die for the nana, ride for the nana (Yeah-yeah)
Slide for the nana, lie for the nana (Yeah-yeah)
Driving the boat so I'll dive for the nana (Yeah-yeah)
Hide what I wrote, put a half on the nana (Yeah-yeah)

Eyes on me mama, don't like drama (Yeah-yeah)
Blacked out Hummer, right for the summer (Yeah-yeah)
Rockstar bands, so I live with a drummer (Yeah-yeah)
808's deep, but the kick like thunder (Yeah-yeah)

Lot of n*ggas used to see me (Yeah-yeah)
Now I'm in this Phantom, screamin' “free me“ (Yeah-yeah)
Went to VS diamonds from the CZ's (Yeah-yeah)
Had my SG droppin' 60 (Yeah-yeah)
How you pull up on a boy and miss me (Yeah-yeah)
She like Henny, but she on the whiskey (Yeah-yeah)
Lost the keys to the telly (Telly)
Man, I swear that pus*y deadly (Deadly)
Doin' anything for the nana

She got twenty thousand n*ggas waitin' outside
Twin-turbos, look like Bonnie and Clyde
Know I gotta keep my dawgs by my side
I stay leveled, drink the purp' outta sprite
Know these n*ggas only rock wit' me out of jealousy
Boy, you scared for your wife
It's young forever, b*tch, I'm out here for life
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