"Wild Thoughts"


I don't know if I can take it
A liquor, liquor only time I do the chassin'
No, n*gga, not patient
Wait, wait, wait you got a n*gga out here waiting
Dark n*gga and she wasted
She pop it for a n*gga I don't gotta say sh*t
She knows a n*gga going places
She won't f*ck with n*ggas 'cause she knows these n*ggas basic
Give me top in the range
We got Mary Jane, yeah it's f*cking up my brain
Paid 5678 for the chain
You pop 567 pills for the pain, yeah, yeah

Wild, wild, wild
When I'm with you all I get is wild thoughts

Shawty tell me you can take it
I can't wait to get you naked, naked, naked
Taking you down like a basement
Love seeing your sex faces
Shawty come on, quit playing
Bust it open and let me taste it
Young n*gga been so impatient
For your body I'm speedracing
You know you got a momma
I just want you without the drama
I'm so ready to take you under
Give you something that you remember
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