"Brand New"

[Chorus: Derek Wise & 88 Camino]
Brand new chain, brand new watch
Fifty pointers in my link, got the game on lock (Bling)
Got the wedding band, filled it with wedding rocks (Wedding rocks)
Ain't gon' fell in love, but love it when the sun is out (Let it hit)
It's always a flex, hit or miss
I just threw baguettes in her face
Took a private jet out of space
Look you dead in your gaze, just to text you and say

[Verse 1: Yxng Bane]
Told the mandem it's a TO ting, I'll tell you f*ck the hype
Had my back, but when I f*ck her, Bane, he breaks her spine
Racin', so they off in Off-White, I rock the clothe line
I get through my jeweller, too much ice can't tell the time
You ain't gang or gangster, get from 'round here
My teachers caught a buzz, these diamonds are like lightyears
She says she doesn't like me, I'm just, I move too cray
In some different drip, you basics probably call weird, yeah
Smokin' so much reef, my mouth exhausted, yeah
She just want some lean and some good di*k, yeah
Give you what you need, make you c*m quick, yeah
I think you police, how you cuff that b*tch
Said we ain't drivin' nowhere so drive a man
That's a brand new bridge, no way I'm crossin' that
You don't love the boy, you love that I'm the man
Ain't your last, I'll take you high, you'll never land
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