(YoungBoyBrown, on my kids)

[Chorus: Derek Wise]
I was just poppin' these pills, this ain't Tylenol
Promised myself that the first was my last
Dollars amountin', I stack it like mountains
I promised my mama, my foot on the gas
Tell me she Taurus, she sing like the chorus
Attracted to me 'cause my sign is a Sag'
Run up the mileage, we f*ck 'til it's quiet
I'm catchin' 'em all like I earned me a badge

[Verse: Derek Wise]
Takin' it back 'cause she heard that we on
Now she recitin' and singin' my songs
Cuban link on me the settings in prongs
I just went savage, no turnin' it off
Room full of b*tches, they turnin' me on
Pressin' a button and poof and it's gone
Two-tone my bracelets, they get along
Got two different places, but none of 'em home
Nowadays I sit in the back of the foreign
Reclinin' the seats, this no AMG Benz
Found out your boyfriend a b*tch and he all on my IG
He preein' the time that we spend
Hit that again, after I spend, I just did that again
Talkin' that sh*t 'cause I back it again
Most of these rappers all cappin' again
VVS diamonds, that's one on my lens
Constant deposits inside of my bank
G-Wagon pull up, it look like a tank
I'm stayin' high, I can't tell when I land
Aimin' my Glock and I know it won't jam
Got the spread on these n*ggas like strawberry jam
Put a hit on these n*ggas, it cost me some bands
Had to sh*t on these n*ggas, I put on these pants
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