"Chrome Hearts"


[Chorus: 88 Camino]
Diamonds hit Chrome Heart now (Heart, yeah)
Danglin' on my heart now, engine startin', it fart now
Diamonds yellow like Bart now (Yeah)
Every time that my car sound, wanna hop in my car now
Wanna see me on top screen
Wanna see me in HD (Ooh), told these n*ggas can't play me (b*tch, what?)
And diamonds do the skate now
Can't believe that we made it, can't believe that we famous (Yeah)

[Verse: 88 Camino]
Mino threat, I got all the flexin', ayy
Mino threat, your b*tch is havin' sex, ayy
Backseat, that b*tch is going nuts (Nuts, nuts)
I can't f*ck with thots, that's a must (Must)
Every time that I'm comin' up, I'm comin' down (Yeah)
You know that I need you when I'm comin' down (Yeah, yeah)
Pay tuition at strip club
I'ma hold you down when I get up wait 'til I run my checks up (Yeah)
Whippin' 'em up like potluck
They say I got good love, treat my bros with good love (Yeah)
Never know when it's time (Time)
f*ckin' that bad b*tch through the grapevine (Vine)
Everyday, man, I take time
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