[Verse 1: Xanman]
Walk with the stick, walk--stick
Walk with the stick
You ain't shootin' while you rap 'bout a stick
I hit yo' grandmother in her sh*t
Watch how I pop a n*gga like a cyst
Huh, pass the work off assist
Huh, Florida plug call me jit
[?], got a dent
Walk in his house like I'm lookin' for rent
In the woods Ruger hang out the tent
[?] use your spit
Thought he had a perc, broke down a mint
Cartier frames, call me Clark Kent
Where his body at? Give you a hint
Heard you ain't real, you can't slide with me
I got a [?] like Shy Glizzy
QP for the the low, give me five fifty
These n*ggas rappers like Rum Nitty
I'm in the field, you can't run with me
You got a knife, I brought guns with me
Infinity coupe, this a Q50
I set the plug up, the next day he cool with me

[Verse 1: Goonew]
Set a n*gga up, he thought we was cool
Too many Glocks up in the Honda coupe
You said you a killer, who you tryna fool?
Bust down a perc, put it in my food
Hunnids and fifties, spend it on my shoes
Call Xan we gone slide in a coupe
She thinking he crazy, n*gga he a goof
n*ggas be b*tches, better eat some soup
Boy you a b*tch, I know the real you
Slide on his block, I better check the news
I'm GoonRich, n*gga, ain't no Winnie the Pooh
b*tch I'm a dog [?] need some food
Hunnids on me, yeah, b*tch and they blue
f*ckin' on your b*tch, now I'm cool
On that's the ops, n*gga, n*gga you
762's soundin' like a flute

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