Life Or Death lyrics



[?] off them drugs and I play with her mind
When I get home b*tch I'ma break your spine
These hot ass n*ggas keep droppin' them dimes
Old rappin' ass n*ggas join 64 live
Don't play with Goonrich man your ass gon' die
And I never forget I'ma send you to the sky
All them n*ggas bluffin' we the real homicide
You look at Goonew see the pain in my eyes
These n*ggas crazy think this sh*t is gon' slide
Yeah I got shot but it wasn't my time
That boy hidin' but that n*gga gon' die
It's not a diss song, I'm statin' some facts
It's pack in the air but I'm smokin' on [?]
Them dirty ass [?] they smokin' on [?]
Uh, go, my goons on attack
Your girlfriend a whore she got hit from the back
Slide on them n*ggas then we double back
I f*cked up my finger got too many racks
I got a 33 50 attached
After the tape might get on a jet
Been fightin' my body I need me a rest
If I sign me a deal guarantee it's a check
Uh, Big 64 b*tch you know what I rep
If you f*ck with the opps then I'm takin' a step
I'm sippin' that drank mixin' Wock with the Tech
And b*tch I'ma goon, that sh*t on my neck
I'm smokin' on opps, but you know the rest
I stay with my [?]
I been on the stove, I [?]
Got too many hustles I need me a check
Life or death situation
Make a left, make a right, [?]
Hop out the car, young n*gga chase 'em
I'm killin' n*ggas man I feel like I'm Jason
I'm from the hood, roaches and vacants
Construction worker b*tch I came from the pavement
Got a new phone, sh*t was delayin'
Rule number one, you gotta have a plan
I'm stuck in the streets I got cuts on my hand
I'm servin' hard drugs, I'm servin' that Xan
He might seem real but he ain't your man
He woulda died, but [?]
Too many racks [?]
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