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Goon Rich n*gga
Let's go

[Verse 1: Goonew]
John Cena I can't even see these n*ggas
It's alotta rounds when we pulling them tiggers
I'm big slime, I ain't trusting no n*gga
Hah, let's go
I ain't even playing with em
Get over top of that, we tryna blam him
Somebody gon die tonight, cuz Goonrich I ain't playing with em
I be with them killers, the robbers, the steppers and drug dealers
I'm rocking Givenchy, Balenciaga, I ain't rocking no Hilfiger

[Verse 2: Xanman]
You f*cked up, act like you don't know n*ggas
Call that man Top Golf, put a hole in him
f*ck that lil b*tch, she a gold digger
Passing that pistol n*gga, he ain't no killer
I'm taking him off he tan
[?] you ain't spending no bands
AMG Imma spin in a Benz
n*ggas be tipping them throwaways man
This ARP, Imma press em
Thought you was street, ain't applying the pressure
Fantastic 4 the 40 gon stretch him
Ten band jugg, lil b*tch Imma cap you
Your b*tch on my crotch, she like how I'm dressing
Pull up with the drugs, they call me Ray
Got shot in his leg, I call it a Epipen
Whole lotta fat sh*t, big n*gga with the racks on him

[Verse 3: Lil Dude]
There was a time I used to have [?]
Shoot at his big homie, gon teach him a lesson
Tie up the plug and take him to a desert
Brodie like Han and he shoot with his left hand
I'm sliding with cuz, you know that's my right hand
I was in the trap before all this rap sh*t
A young n*gga blew up, that was a accident
When the XR hit he be doing them backflips
When he got caught in the trenches, they stripped him and trapped him
They'll never tell you how n*ggas be acting
These n*ggas ain't right, these n*ggas don't tap in

[Verse 4: Goonew]
Double back, we get this sh*t, popping
Young n*ggas geeked up, Glocks popping
Too many clips, keeping it rocking
Bad lil b*tch and I bought her some bottoms
Let's go
I put that sh*t on the road
I got a cape but I ain't saving a hoe
I got a blood b*tch, she tryna smoke
Pour lean while I'm f*cking a hoe
Five bands, gotta pay what you owe
Fifty bands, get that sh*t for the low
Don't ask me questions, man that sh*t is a no

[Outro: Goonew]
Let's go
We ain't playing with these n*ggas
We tryna get it off
Hah, n*gga
I'm passing that b*tch and I give and I go
And now I'm tryna slide tonight
And now I'm tryna slide tonight
And now I'm tryna slide tonight
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