Slime Goonz lyrics



[Intro: SlimeGoon9]
Johnny Caravaggio
Slime slime slime
Slime slime slime

[Verse 1: SlimeGoon9 & Goonew]
[?] or don't get a job
Brand new [?] this a brand new bomb
Bust sh*t down sh*t gone by tomorrow
I stay on point I ain't never been robbed
Last n*gga try to slide we shot out the car (Bah!)
Took your lil' b*tch then we gone to the bar
Pop three Percs got me high out the stars
12 on my line so I switch up the cars (Bih!)
You got to have racks if you want to compete
This foreign I'm driving that sh*t wasn't cheap
What I make in ten days what I charge for a feat' (Yeah)
My sh*t like the 80's I don't use [?] (Slime, slime, slimе)
She ate up good di*k she think shе a keeper
I gave her a band to f*ck I'ma leave her (Yeah)
So many bands I'm trying to f*ck her people (Yeah, yeah) (Goonrich, ha)
Twenty bands made that sh*t off a [?]

[Verse 2: Goonew]
Uh, twenty bands off a [?] (Twenty)
A hundred bands n*gga ain't no competin' (A hundred)
Got Instagram b*tches geekin' to meet me (?)
Got rap n*ggas and they [?] (Rap[?])
Like John Cena n*gga you can't see me (John)
I got the water man that sh*t Aquafina (That water)
Got brown b*tches and they looking like [?] (Brown)
Don't worry about her man that draco be singin' (Yeah)
Uh, bust it down serve a [?] (Bust it)
I got the shooters and they ball like Cleveland (I got shooters)
Sippin' lean 'cause [?] (Sippin' lean)
Helmut Lang with the Prada [?] (Helmut Lang)
Hundred pounds n*gga [?] (Hundred pound)
Trap sh*t got the junkies fiendin' (Junkies n*gga)
SlimeGoon wipe your nose, sneeze (SlimeGoon)
Now he breathing through a hole, breathing (Hole, [?])

[Verse 3: SlimeGoon9 & Goonew]
I'm who these rap n*ggas want to be
I assume shots n*gga want to reach (Oh yeah)
I got the trap boomin' every week (Slime)
Only talk facts n*gga when I speak (One-of-one, yeah)
Havin' my way n*ggas they be leechin' (They leechin')
Tweetin' 'bout me get you put on the TV (Yeah)
I ain't no rap n*gga you can meet me (Slime)
I make this trap sh*t look too easy (Slime, slime)
Rap n*ggas they be cap (Slime)
I put the hood on the map (Slime)
I put the drugs in the trap (Slime)
b*tch I'm the man that's a fact (Slime)
We got them bags in the spot (Slime)
We get them bags out the spot (Slime)
I get them bands out the trap (Slime)
It ain't no cap in my rap
SlimeGoon playin' with them racks (Slime)
I got this sh*t out the trap (Slime)
Trying to make a mil' off the raps (Slime)
The n*gga look goofy the n*gga get taxed (Slime)
We in the streets we knock sh*t off (Slime)
Lil' man gettin' hit chop his big dog (Slime)
Dog food got the whole block taking off (Slime)
I got the drop I'm lockin' her jaws (Slime, slime, slime)
SlimeGoon non-abide his own laws (Slime)
This sh*t don't land the plug took a loss (Slime, slime)
sh*t deep, got to get him knocked off (Yeah)
Dude say he have Percs she take off her drawers
Bro caught the pack like he Randy Moss (Yeah)
Tell him don't say what he say he goin' on Saw
Catchin' plays send my b*tch to the mall (Yeah, yeah yeah)
The trap keep rollin' I can't fall off (Goonrich, yeah)
[Verse 4: Goonew]
Uh, f*ck 12 and the law, uh (Uh)
Hundred pounds in the loft, uh (Hundred)
Pretty b*tches throwin' drawers, uh (Pretty b*tches)
Goonrich no [?], uh (Goonrich)
I beat the babies I be sellin' that rock (I beat it)
I rock designer cause that sh*t is gon' cost (Designer)
If you my dog I'ma give you a [?] (My dog)
Don't ever tell on the sh*t that you saw
We shootin movies like clips from the Forest (Clips)
My b*tch she boujee and her pus*y is torch (She boujee)
We servin' junkies right up under that porch (Them jays)
These n*ggas goofy man these n*ggas be whores (They goofy)
I'm a bored n*gga, uh, [?] (Grrr)
Hundred shots, uh, shoot up his Ford (Boom!)
We spin they block 'cause my n*ggas was bored (We spinnin')
You hear that sound that's the sound of the chorus (Sound of the chorus, yeah)
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