BlocBoy JB

"Still Crippin"

Bro, I'm still crippin' (Hoo-hoo)
f*ck you mean? (Woo, woo)

b*tch, I'm still crippin' (Crip)
East side n*gga, I'm still livin' (Still living)
Any problem in the hood, I deal with it (Deal with it)
Put a bag on his head, it's a meal ticket (Meal)
Got a Glock on the boat, call that fish stick (Wow)
n*gga try to rob me, that's a blank mission (Blank)
Up the Drac' on his car, my loc got the AR
We put holes in his whip, now his paint missing (That's on my mama)
And my n*ggas still tippin' on the fo' fo's
And still be trappin' at the Citgo (Citgo)
And the di*k in the Glock and it's a 4-O (Huh)
Hoofin' at the plug and told 'em, "Get ghost" (Ghost)
Catching these bodies and don't catch a case (Wow)
If he talk out the top, put a hole in his face (Hey)
Swervin', every time I see the jakes (Hey)
I send my lil' scaver to watch for the snakes (Huh)
These n*ggas talkin' like they some big bodies, but most of these n*ggas some mini-mes (Mini-mes)
Shakin' my hand and they smilin' (Huh)
Deep inside I know them n*ggas some enemies (Wow)
It's 2020 and I'm smokin' Christmas tree (Gas)
Whippin' the dope in the pot, it's a chemistry (Whip it)
My girl want some fruit, but not at the lemon squeeze (Rah)
Middle finger trigger finger the enemy (Doon-doon-doon)
I'm from Memphis, south west part of Tennessee
Woah, n*gga be killin' me (Killin' me)
Uh, hoes, they just be feelin' me (Feelin' me)
Uh, opps thinkin' 'bout killin' me (No)
Heard a n*gga say he rob me
That sh*t is fiction, hickory di*kory (Dock)
First .48, it's the mistery (Mistery)
Choppa heat a n*gga, rotisserie (Row)
If they ain't got a black n*gga in the school book
n*gga, that sh*t really ain't history (Facts)
I heard the opps say they sick of me (Sick of me)
Well, they'll have to get rid of me (Huh)
f*ckin' a ho, she never get a kiss from me (Muah)
Pass her to bro and they gon' have a trilogy (We toss her up)
Strapped with that .30, come and take a pill or three
Bloc J the hood, now everybody deal with me

I said, "Bloc J the hood, now everybody deal with me"
You, you, you and you
Gotta deal with me
Big JB (Yeah)
Grape Street, big Loc (Yeah)
Ridin' 'round with that big .40 (Swivel)
Know the feds, they p*ssed off, yeah
In fo' fo' (Yeah)
Big, big, big, big Loc (Muah)
Big Loc (Yeah)

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