Adam Oh



(Sigh), sh*t
I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but
It look like we’re going to war
(At least we got this dope ass anthem)

This a lil something for you to bump during the third world war
(Yung Ting you going crazy)
Let’s turn the f*ck up

Haha, yuh


World War 3 [x7]
b*tch you ain’t draftin’ me


I kinda thought that World War 3 would start sometime in 2019 (in 2019)
Guess I was wrong cause we going to war and it’s only my 3rd day in 2020 (yuh)
b*tch I do not wanna go to the war cause I know what they got overseas (seas)
100 round choppas and bodies that drop and I do not belong in those streets (f*ck!)

Pause, I woke up this morning and I had a cup of coffee it was gonna be a fine ass day (mhm)
I was scrolling through twitter and could not believe World War 3 was all over my page (damn!)

Said “time for the war” on my wristwatch
First thing I did hopped on TikTok
Got the beat from Yung Ting and I did my lil thing
Now this war gon be jumping like Kris Kross

Time to say farewell like Hemingway
On the front line saw Charli hit the renegade (damn!)
Ain’t sh*t sweet like lemonade
Why everybody tryna fight like the MMA?

Just saw Lil Nas X in a heli
Boy we at war don’t hit me on my celly (brr)
I don’t think that I was meant for the war cause I don’t got murder on my mind like I’m Melly

sh*t, phew
Full disclaimer, this is all a joke
I really hope nobody gets offended by this song, that’s not my intention
I just wanted to make something that we could turn up to

Honestly it would, really, suck, if we had a


World War 3 [x7]
b*tch you ain’t draftin’ me

Yuh, Ratatata, Ratatata
Aye, b*tch! Ah, damn

Aye, World, War, 3

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