Adam Oh



(Sigh), sh*t
I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but
It look like we’re going to war
(At least we got this dope ass anthem)

This a lil something for you to bump during the third world war
(Yung Ting you going crazy)
Let’s turn the f*ck up

Haha, yuh


World War 3 [x7]
b*tch you ain’t draftin’ me


I kinda thought that World War 3 would start sometime in 2019 (in 2019)
Guess I was wrong cause we going to war and it’s only my 3rd day in 2020 (yuh)
b*tch I do not wanna go to the war cause I know what they got overseas (seas)
100 round choppas and bodies that drop and I do not belong in those streets (f*ck!)
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