"Sad. Beautiful. Tragic."

(Verse: 23:59)
Loving you was red
Losing you was blue
I know you're the one
You know I am too
Where you gonna go?
What we gonna do?
Holding back them tears, now
Tryna play it cool
But, girl, I know you too...
Know you way to well
You'd rather swallow pride
Than to sleep all by yourself
Just put down them bags, girl
You can stay with me
We can work it out
Girl, just wait and see

(Hook: Taylor Swift)
A beautiful, magic love affair
What a sad
Beautiful, tragic love affair

(Verse: 23:59)
Girl, you know you're the one for me
Don't let nobody else make you feel different
Made this song on the fly for you
'Cause you so fly, I just thought it was fitting
I thought I was pimping, 'til you came along
You took my heart, put that sh*t right in your pocket
Never thought I would start acting like this
Now, I don't think I can stop it
You got me off topic
These ups and downs toxic
Bring up some old sh*t I tell you to drop it
I tell you, "I'm just tryna get to the top."
And you tell me I ain't even better than Logic
Now, it's a problem, I slam the door, lock it
Ignore all the yelling and knocking
You call me start mocking
I hit that red button
Grab me a joint and some vodka
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