Divine Light lyrics


Brother Ali

Brother, Minister
The Minister quietly moves behind the rostrum, takes a seat, assembles his notes, and prepares himself to take center stage, as he has done for years

For all of my me, I've been a little different
The categories, I never fit within them
What's my placement been within race and religion?
Sacred system and spaces in which we livе in
Insights from an outsider who swim right through barbed wire
Gut laughеr, ugly crier; pajama pants dancer, cook with fire
Wonder what the scene is for forty-year-old emcees
Which rap to white people about Islam and Black genius
Or is he just the only one living?
We should award him, but which one would we give him?
Here's the bad news
I promise if they gave awards for tears and tattoos
You'd be that dude
But Starbucks outsells mochtar
The real treasure always gotta be looked for
But why do I gotta decide
Between compromising with what I despise
Or just dropping all the product that I design?
Nothing, no dollar signs, just to be recognized, no
Get your gratitude up and your mind right
You're doing this for the Divine Light
Oh God, he's just making this up as he goes along
I'm so excited
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