Icy Narco


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Aye, yo, Lil Mexico pass the gas

Comme des garcons, yeah I got it on my Carti
I really be drippin' like Playboi carti
And my neck looking like a pool party
[?] sing, I’m the hope of the party, yeah

I don't start sh*t
I don't start sh*t, yea
I don’t start sh*t (Never)
I don't start sh*t
I know that you envy me
I see all them signs of jealousy
I'm a legend, this my legacy, yea
Come into my melodies
I'ma break you down mentally

[?] In the Jet we bump
She impress you with you with it, with my c*ck
Hey, yeah my demons took her soul
Flexing on my ex, maker her hate her life
Doing better without me b*tch I don't -

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