Tate McRae


Where the love where’s the pain I feel like dying in the insane theres just pain inside that wall won’t go away and you feel like your dying inside, huh , I’m not flexing inside uh huh you feel like you trapping inside uh huh , I’m sorry you need to enjoy right? I’m just pulling a block that you need to catch the cops right? there’s no reason to die huh, there’s no reason to cry uh I’m just going insane with my pain that won’t go away screaming my heins and my veins won’t go away that’s the pain that’s the worse feeling ever in my pain I feel like dead inside what’s the pain and you have no control of the pain I feel like I’m 99 screaming in my head that I won’t die enough inside that’s a rains yo where’s the pain there’s so much songs in 2019 that I made back in Apple Music to the pain to the danger to the backness I couldn’t find happiness in the backness there was a pain to the factness that’s a fact right there couldn’t find back there, Enjoy!

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