Tate McRae

"​dear u"

Wait, what is this feeling in my gut?
I swear I never get this way, only with you
And now it's just boiling my blood
Wait, I haven't seen you in six months
I hope I wouldn't recognize your face
But I did, and I'm thinking it might be too much

Sometimes I tell myself it happens for a reason
For awhile I guess it kinda worked
But this time I can tell you it's a different feeling
It's worse

I hate that I knew you and knew what you hated
Hate that I'd call, tell you all my mistakes
And I know how desperately you tried to make it
Guess I convinced myself you couldn't change
Yeah we used to talk, now you talk with two faces
sh*t talking's something that's making you famous
Lemme' just say it's been bugging me lately

Hate that I know you
'Cause I know that you hate me

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