"Drill Or Be Drilled"

[Intro: Horrid1]
Free the f*ckin' guys, CGM
Gang sh*t, Horrid
Clap, bow
Listen, Yo

[Verse 1: Horrid1]
Now I'm off tag and I'm back in Bush
Who knows where the crime rate's heading
Can't slide on the P, that's dumb
All you'll see is guns and unlimited cheffings (Ching, ching)
Step in the ride with intention to take mans life
Please let me just mention
How I whacked up Mitch in the jailhouse
Try cheff backs, no way, I ain't fencing
Slap two batteries in that pole
Aim straight at scores, that's a day they're dreading (Pussies)
I hate when I chef man once, I done that once, normally it’s seven (Trust)
More time it's me on the ped, just rev it
See me revving, you know where I'm heading
Kweff him, get him, told bro cheff him (Cheff him)
No way can they ride on Eleven
Turn mans corpse, turn up to his funeral, then p*ss in the box
No way I'm talking the ones in the cubical (No way)
When the vehicle flipped that was beautiful
Bleach that skank, keep that it's usable
I ain't talking 'bout flippin' a coin
Tryna hit mans head when I’m on his tail (Tail)
If I got round there, it's murder
Why you think I was on the wing like Bale? (In Felts)
This shotty come oh so long, and it came with unlimited bells
Slap that, mash that day, that's at least 5 man sitting in hell
My opps are dead and my friends in jail (Free them)
We're winning the beef, the opps dem lie for the fans and girls

[Verse 2: Sav'O]
They jump on tracks, but ain't banged on road
I jump on rap and I splashed up loads (Splash-splash)
Bro, on my life I'm real to the bone
Plus he got splashed as a welcome home (Splash)
They're p*ssed when they see what's under my coat
Gliding, nothing but ching or smoke (Bubu)
And I been hearing corn in the ends
It was M-way trips or train to O
And I got bad B's from O in Grove
The opps don't learn so we teach them lessons (Lessons lessons)
Slip, get peppered, do it with Hunch or Racks, he's reckless
G check yutes on their block, "what you repping?"
Man talk last, but first man set it
Bro got his face and the pagan ate it
Come to the P and see how we're stepping (Gang)
I'll show man violence, your girls taken, but man still piped it (Badders badders)
We're winning the beef, go on then, tell me I'm lying (pus*y)
The opps in ends [in the sky] it’s frying, slip on your block you’re dying
Splashed [?] then I dashed, I was smiling
Opps see me and they panicked, they're frightened

[Verse 3: M'Skum]
No S, I want me a K, if I see you, tryna catch me a M
If you see me in the cut with 2 shanks up
I was probably looking for dem (I was)
I done rid my time in jail, the opps still ain't touch none of my friends
Still kick mans face to the curb, do it on road like I done it in pen
And AP's way too itchy, ZK established, violent men (Free em)
10 toes in the [?] if not it could be old friends
I ain't got an umbrella like RiRi, I'm getting trap giddy in the rain
Anytime one of dem get shaved
It's always M'Skum that's getting the blame
She's liking my style like Harry
She already done mans Bruce like Wayne
I could never give no b*tch no chase
I break down packs and I do mad bait (Bait)
I did on my ones in Forces, like Jordans let man take flight (Flight)
That's knife concealed on bikes
All blacked out in some old school Nike
Don't read all the internet hype
They do it for the clout, them man they're nerdy
Me and Sav gang gang from early
Getting rid of all this food no servery
DoubleTap that's bro from nursery
Bro bro handled the shotgun proper
Put things in stuff for a oppa, nothing but SYM for a copper

[Verse 4: Rack5]
You can have 100 corn in that chamber
Waps ain't sh*t if you got no heart
Grab on the whoosh and a whistle
Now it got bite, but it ain't got bark (Bow)
I don't think twice 'bout dirt I do
I chinged my friend, but that's in the past (Qway back)
I see more skinners than Bart, rah hop out and dip up your heart
Put full faith in a whip, man double up cash when I scrap me a jug (Whip whip)
Nothing less than 5 to the chest
If they find this mash I grip in my palm (Bow)
Had me on the wing like Lennon
They step with weapons and got disarmed (Some di*kheads)
This straight truth I'm telling, them man get pressured
Go ask the guards (Ask them)
2 wheels touring the opp block, coming like Tour de France
I hit the roads in the November and I got like 6 by March
With intent when I swing it, true say drilling ain't hard (No)
Nuff jail time, man rid it, bad yute on a violent path (Trust me)
I got me a brown skin midget, di*k it, grip my di*k with acrylics
I just kick back and bill it, chilling, the verbal ting I ain't with it (That's long)
They're winning the beef? You're tripping (No)
I'm 18 plus still drilling (Trust)
Sav'O my bro, my famo, gimmie the word man go, man drill it (Man kill him)

[Verse 5: TY]
If it's war then it's war
The Lord knows if I had fast feet
Then I woulda scored about 10 points in Zart
Wanna get my crack yellow like Bart
I just scoffed 2 guns from my whip
Told Lisa and John they ain't getting no spark (No)
Put the rock in the blade in the trap
When I shoulda been at home just chilling with my marj (Chilling)
Look, CGMK what where? (What where)
It woulda been 3,4 holes in that guy if that prick weren't wearing Moncler (pus*y)
I just done 2 summers in jail
Woulda been 4th that judge were fair (That b*tch)
Slap that corn in the crud, don't give no f*cks
We ain't crashing at air, splash on sight, I don't stand and stare
First night in jail was doing up stress
Cell workout, I was doing up reps
Push my blade in his chest
Rip that out tryna see what's left, mess
Blud how they think they're bad?
Oi big man ting, don't get man vexed (No)
Last time J Sav had to hop out
He hopped back in with blood on his creps (Blood)
Had my whole car full up with weapons
Trust me bro, I don't know about tension (No way)
Who's that? What's that? Stop this car
Lemme jump out quick and check him (Who's that)
Was p*ssed when I got myself bagged
Had five-o asking man 21 questions
And a lot of man claim they got heart
On the ride along they're funny like Kevin (b*tches)

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