Icantstop lyrics



Got too many drugs in my bag
I popped 3 xans but i still feel sad
Life just sucks i feel like i’m dead
I wanna put 10 rounds in my head

Oh my god
I been off a lot
No one really needs me
No reason to stop
I wish i could live a life like you but
My whole life i’ve felt so useless

You just left me here on my own
And now i’m faded
I been tryna live this life all alone
But i can’t take it
I feel like this life ain’t worth it
I feel like i have no purpose
I feel so alone in my bedroom
Don’t pick up the phone
I’ll be dead soon
I don’t know why i’m alive
I don’t know why i still try

You don’t really love me or need mе
Everything you said was deceiving
You don’t rеally love me or need me
Why am i even breathing
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