Grape ade soda lyrics



Do you love me
I don’t know
I don’t understand a goddamn thing
Just erase me
Let me go
I can’t even take the suffering

Can't pick up the phone
I’m f*cking wasted
Just to make it on my own
I’m staying faded
Everyday is a blur when your sedated
Hope this music sh*t works i needa make it
Cuz i’m right back
Where i started
I hate feeling like that
Everyday i want my life back
Disregard it
f*ck feeling regret there’s no restarting

I’m f*cked up in the backseat
Got mе luv drunk in a taxi
I don’t wanna love you if i’m only being used
So can i trust you
Or will you put mе in a tomb
I wish that i could say i knew
But i don’t
Are you tryna play me
Ion know
I feel like i’m failing
On my own
I feel like a ghost

It’s my head
I think that i’m broken
Let me rest
You don’t even notice
That i’m dead baby
I think i’m drowning lately
One more
I’m feeling wavy
Help me
I’m suffocating
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