ImSoBroken freestyle lyrics



I keep breaking and breaking
The world keeps taking and taking
I got xanax in my bag
Got your b*tch she’s on my lap
Need another percocet
I live each day like it’s my last
Cuz it might be
Honestly i’m fighting with myself
I should really get some help
You got me stuck under your spell
Might as well
Pop another
f*cking pill
I don’t
Know what’s real
You go back and forth in my head
Off these drugs i feel like i’m dead
So dead
Wish the world would let me rest
Always got benzos on deck
You know i really need my meds
Nineteen but i feel way older
I can’t evеr get no closure
I just wish that it would be ovеr
Life is war but i’m not a soldier
Shawty was f*cking on me
Off xans
Like it when u press up on me
Like that
Honestly i’m hella lonely
No one even really knows me
No one but you
Just you
I can make your dreams come true
But it’s too late for me boo
I’m overdosing in my room

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