Lil Mexico

"Makin Moves"

Uh, uh

I'm makin' moves, ran up that money, I'm keepin' it cool
Out in the streets, you gon' win or you lose
Playin' for keeps, I got nothin' to prove
Up while you sleep, I been stackin' the blues
Breakin' the bank, she see my racks, now I'm breakin' her back
Thumb in her butthole, my di*k in her cat
After we f*ck, I get back to the racks
I'm in the spot, I ain't goin' back home
Beat out the pack 'til the sh*t get gone
All of this money keep callin' my phone
Remember we [?] go take the [?]

Still trappin', you can get to a zone
Good gas and you know that it's strong
Came up, now I'm savin' the tone
Big racks, now my money is long
I gotta do what I know, we get them bags for the low
Can't put my trust in a ho
I get a million and go, these n*ggas be trappin' too slow
Just started rappin', I know I'ma blow
I got some money, but I want some more
Just sold a pound and I got twenty-four
Ain't makin' pizza, but I'm gettin' dough
I'm in the spot, got it jumpin' like a show
Stack the money 'til it grow
That n*gga hot 'cause he heard I f*cked his ho
Damn, I ain't even know
I'm in the trap, got 'em swingin' the door
If you ain't spendin', then you gotta go
Ran up that paper, just me and my bro
Young n*gga ballin' like he was a pro
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