"Slime Ball"

[Intro: Yung Prozac & ohtrapstar]
Hold up, hold up
Klokez going crazy
This how we coming, slime
Aye, what's good slime?
Man, we gotta tell 'em how the f*ck we coming
Aye, what, what we got going on
f*ck these n*ggas talking 'bout

[Verse 1: Yung Prozac]
You is not slime, you is not slatt
She looking good, put di*k in her back
Slime in the party, bring in the gat
Who shot it up? That n*gga Prozac
Look at me crazy, this is payback
Why is you mad, go get you a stack

[Bridge: Yung Prozac]
Shawty broke my heart, so I broke her face
I been going hard, but this ain't pokerface
Hop up in the Wraith, b*tch it look like space
Then I skrt off, and I do the race

[Verse 2: Ohtrapstar]
You is not blood, you is not crip
Red dot my Uzi, I got a grip
Christian Dior, I got a (?)
Racks, they be counterfeit, I had to flip
(?) in my cup, that's what I sip
FN my gun, semi gon' hit (slatt)
Step one, equip a gun
Step two, reload the gun
Step three, we tote them guns
We got sticks, we got drums

[Verse 3: Yung Prozac]
Goth n*gga, switchblade
My n*ggas gorillas, big apes
This is no love song, I ain't Drake
My n*ggas been slimes, big snakes
I might just go thump a n*gga in these Chanel shoes
Make a n*gga go missing, huh, n*gga blues clues
Your momma gonna see your face, n*gga, on the damn news
I'm speaking with a lisp, n*gga yeah, I sip big juice
Take your hoe back my n*gga, yeah she smell like dog food
She tryna f*ck again, my n*gga, sorry b*tch, I'm too cute
Dropped out at 16, my n*gga, yeah I said f*ck school
Put my hat sideways, yes b*tch, I'm gon' shoot

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