Guapdad 4000

"Trade Places With Them Jeans"

Hahaha, that's hard

You never answer when I need you
I feel like you only hit me when you need to
I can’t sweat on how you steppin' like them see-throughs
This so you, I'm on your ass like Evisu
But even jeans couldn’t hug you like I need to
Skin tight, so right, it looks see-through
You can't let your frozen heart mislead you
Even cold-blooded things still bleed too (Yeah)

You make me wanna start a riot
Late night shots, drink drivin'
So how can I stop callin'?
Hit it from the back, that pus*y talkin'
Had a conversation, talkin' to her
I talk back, she call once, I call back, she ain't pick up
This sh*t is frustratin' (Frustratin’)
Compliments, they all gas, you wanted weed
I bought gas, poured it over the feelin’
At the gas station, propane, she blowin' up
And tellin’ me I need growin' up
But she actin' stupid, I'm runnin’ out of patience
I'm tryna stay friends just to get in that pus*y one more time
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