Mac Lethal

"Mac Lethal Sucks pt. 2"

(Verse 1:)
My depression is so severe
It’s impressive that I’m still here
Everything disappeared
But The Devil that’s in the mirror
And the message is crystal clear
The sky is beautiful tonight
But all the stars you see have been dead for a billion years
Out the bullet wound up on my heart I saw an orchid grow
Push the creativity out of you, never force it though
I orbit slow around the outer-rim of outer space
I’m like a f*cking thorn bush growing inside a flower vase
Chop it down and make a crown that’s fit for a king
My flow is hot — melt the wax — like it’s Icarus’ wings
Keep saying “Mac Lethal sucks, He’s a loser that lives in Kansas.”
Attention equals money, I’ll use it to my advantage
I’m a God, when I die, my funeral’s in Atlantis
I’ll use my blood and paint something beautiful on the canvas
An unusual blend
You’re wrong when you say “The Sky’s the limit,”
We don’t even know where the f*cking Universe ends
Let's go

I’ve been doing this a long time
I’ve heard it all before
I’ve been doing this a long time
Tell me is this what you’re looking for

(Verse 2:)
Payback is a filthy b*tch
Lay back and I’ll kill this sh*t
It’s hard to count a million wrapped in a straight jacket
I still seem sick
In a small town with big dreams
I spray raps, I say facts, I pay taxes and get cream so…
(Tell me is this what you’re looking for)
Something must be broken in my brain
People prolly think that I’m insane
I spent $50,000 bucks on a
House that I could flip
Not a f*cking chain
I don’t care about views and likes
I abuse the mic, and bring truth to light because
Deep in your heart there’s a fuse to light so
(Tell me is this what you’re looking for)
Let’s keep it real
My writing prowess is incredibly ill
But what’s the point of having it if I don’t help people heal?
I used to wanna just destroy, I’d rather help you rebuild
But test me: get killed…
(Tell me is this what you’re looking for)
37 times, traveled round the Sun
36 of those, absolutely numb
Celebrating every battle that I won
Tough as ever — look how fragile I’ve become
Look at me like I’m a shadow on the Sun
Savage on the drum
f*ck with me you’ll get a dagger right in your tongue
Without fighting I won. Easy

See I been doin' this a long time
Is this what you're looking for?
Cuz i've heard it all before
Yeah uh
Took a little vacation, put my feet up and celebrated my win
I know that p*sses you off
Thanks for the promo you silly b*tch

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