"Yeah (Remix)"

[Intro: Da L.E.S]
I think I found one, Double D

The sound of money in the money machine
We just got back from California and we smoking cheese
Throwing money in the air 'till it hit the floor
I want bad b*tches on the couch 'cause they know what to do
Let my [?] with a bottle of Hennessy
We them n*ggas [?] the streets
Paparazzi taking pictures when we at Caprice
We don't f*ck with anybody hating on the team

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: AKA]
North god that's my brother
Let me crash for like six weeks when I was going through my drama
Godfather to my daughter, godfather to his daughter
Birthdays was the worst days, now the champagne like water
Two foreigns, three lawyers
I need a challenge, I don't even wanna rap no more
I just wanna do pop star [?]
What you think I got this Michael Jackson tattoo for, huh?
n*ggas busy asking 'bout the jacket, I tell them that's cool tour
Summer at the summer, is he gon' dala what you dala?
Or you gon' let me check the sinsemilla in the Chris Hani Baragwanath
[?] is a motherf*cking bread and butter
Most n*ggas don't own sh*t, that's what I discovered on the come up
Young man get your zaga

[Verse 2: Youngsta]
You got no class and you still don't learn
I became a success and did it on my own terms
I'm looming and shiny like a glow worm
From the south side, north, like Tshwane, Joburg
All maps changed [?]
Because I had show them where the north at
Now find the signs into Bryanston Drive
When you greed inside [?], naaier
Gossiping, staying in the tabloids
You're a [?] thinking you're a bad boy
Flat groin you don't even have balls
I thought you were smart, you're an android
The mobile phones get you mobilized
The top gear speed into overdrive
The booking fee's fat, looking over-sized
New bank balance I was just notified
Can I be your celebrity overnight?
Sex tape on M-Net over time
Back stroke from behind and I broke her spine
Before you say it's Photoshop, check the whole design
I don't have time for the politics
Because they say one thing then they contradict
But if it's finance that they offering
We can shake hands in the parliament
And my final answer is...

[Outra: Da L.E.S]

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