Hating Illegal lyrics


Rylo Rodriguez

[Verse ? : Veeze]
I got Rick Owens for brunch
That Gucci for lunch
That Louis for dinner
Dive in that pus*y I'm scrubbing in it
Chrome Hearts my glasses like substitute teacher
[?] hating they ain't even made me leave
Rocking a mask I got a [?]
I'm classy I'm sippin [?]
My b*tch super bad real thick and pretty
The real n*ggas dying they going extinct
If I had a eye he'll be following snake

[Verse ? : Rylo Rodriguez]
If I had a dollar for every faithful b*tch in the world my account would be empty
She give me head, my wrist on presidential, she giving me Monica Lewinsky
Too many fish in the sea, if she want a shark lock boots I'll buy her Givenchy
This rap sh*t I had to make it, my hype man a fellon he couldn't even fly to the venue
Say she don't like Porcelain, I get her dental implants, she ain't never copping no bridge
Split some shakes on the hardwood floor at the studio but I ain't never dropping no mid
Like I got eczema I scratch so many governement names off paint of red
You postin drank but ain't got nun, calling his bluff right now, that sh*t making me cringe
I f*cked a fan inside of a five star hotel she the only one who came
She want me to take her trojan off and sign it but I'm not Bronny James
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