Rylo Rodriguez


Can't dress me..

Shot my stylist in the head, I got my own swag
I got some n*ggas up the road just want they phone back
I’m plugging all these money counters watch how quick we thumbin’
Everyday a Wednesday, we won’t see no Mondays

Knew a n*gga was hatin’ back from the start. I ain’t wanna believe it
Give ‘em a plate they still gon’ bite the hand that feed ‘em
10k in one day but he only bout sum pair of sneakers
Stunt so hard, we’ll probably wake up Evil Knievel

It can make you happy, but I think that money gon’ turn me evil
Want a bag my n*gga get to this rap money feed my people
Sip too much lean, hope I don’t f*ck around and have a seizure
We gon’ bury this cash, now we gotta f*ck around and use that VISA
Prices on his head gon’ knock ‘em out because I’m on
24 hours on that block when I gotta show only time I’m gone
Shot my stylist in the face, he tried to tell me what to put on
Is it right to call them yo’ homies even though they ain’t comin’ home

Some n*ggas ain’t never gon’ see they kids again
Young n*gga on percs, he can’t burn, he back smokin’ cigs again
Gon’ post on that block make so much cap he don’t gotta go to lids again
Everybody eatin’ ima f*ck around and put my team in the freezer with me
Frost game on Jesus, chain on deep freezer, yeah, this chain on [??]
I ain’t even want to laugh [??], now a n*gga shootin’ like Ariza
Trynna balance this sh*t out no [??]
She gon’ bite my style like mosquitos
We be chewin’ them percs like doritos
Dropped out, but I still wanna see notes

When I get home, ima put you in a figure 4
Gave her head so long, b*tch can’t even fit her wig no more
Ima buy you some more, b*tch don’t even like her tits no more
We gon’ get all this paper, tell them folks to go and print some more
All this ice, they think my chain made out of heroine
We want this cash here, don’t make me f*ck around and bag some
n*ggas say they love the hood, they get a little paper and don’t give back none
Missed call from Slim before he died who would’ve thought it’d be the last one

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